New Testament Survey Resources

Last week we began a new and exciting journey through the New Testament together! As always I want to make sure that you are well read and stocked up on the resources you need for the journey. Now, of course, you are more than welcome to just attend on Wednesday evenings, Bible, notepad, and pen in hand, and you will be TOTALLY fine. But if you WANT more information to supplement what we are learning on Wednesday evenings the resources below will help you do just that.

Introducing the New Testament

Carson and Moo

If you have never read an intro to the New Testament, this is a really good place to start. D.A. Carson and Douglas Moo are two leading, conservative New Testament scholars and they have written a tried and true Introduction that will not be intimidating for beginners. It is only 160 pages cover to cover and gives overviews, background information, and outlines of all the books of the New Testament. They also give lists of other reliable resources for each book of the New Testament giving you the option to further your reading if you choose. Overall, I think this is a great place to begin. If you are thinking of dipping your big toe into the New Testament pool for the first time, go with this one. You won’t be disappointed.

The Cradle, The Cross, and The Crown

Köstenberger, Kellum, and Quarles

If you are pretty familiar with the New Testament and you are looking for that “one-stop-shop” for New Testament Introductions, then look no further than The Cradle, The Cross, and The Crown. This intro was written by a triad of all-star New Testament scholars and is the definitive work on the New Testament. It is the current text being used in Southern Baptist seminaries to teach future SBC pastors and missionaries the New Testament but it was written to be accessible enough for laypersons in churches throughout the world. It is a much more in depth look at the New Testament than Carson and Moo’s Intro, but it is a rewarding resource that will never let you down.


Eusebius: The Church History

Translation by Paul L. Maier

Most of the historical information that we have about the first century, about the apostles, and about what happened after the book of Acts ended comes from the historian Eusebius. Paul Maier is an excellent historian that gives commentary throughout the book on recent historical and archeological finds to help update some of Eusebius’ information.

For those interested in history, archeology, or the New Testament in general, this is a great resource. It is an extremely easy read and Maier’s commentary and explanation makes this book accessible and enjoyable for anyone.

The Complete Works of Josephus

Translated by William Whiston, A.M.

Like Eusebius, most people have probably read something Josephus has written and just don’t realize it. It is Josephus who provided us with most of the historical information about the intertestamental period. He also has given us most of our information on the Pharisees and Sadducees. It was Josephus that wrote extensively on the events of the first century leading up to the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem in A.D. 70.

If history is your thing, I highly recommend getting a copy of Josephus’ works. He was not a Christian. That will give you a very unique perspective on what a secular historian from the first century wrote about Christians at the time of the New Testament. It is a very interesting perspective.


There are so many good resources available on the New Testament. These four are just some of the ones that I believe would be helpful in guiding your further study. If you are interested in studying a specific topic or area of the New Testament and need a specific resource, please contact me and let me know. I will be happy to help.